V-Grits is discontinuing the V-Box and V-Card service. The last delivery will be March 27, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions


What comes in each v-box?
In each weekly box you’ll find 3 recipes with colorful photos and step-by-step instructions to make meals for 2 people, and ingredients to make the recipes. You can expect lots of fresh veggies, grains, and spices. We’ll occasionally send our own V-Grits items, like our fan-favorite cashew cheese sauce! Each week your member page on vgrits.com will have suggested tutorial videos to go along with the recipes (like how to pick and and cut an avocado), nutritional info and handy tips, and where you can find and purchase the ingredients.

How much does the v-box cost?
Each serving costs $11.50. The boxes contain recipes to make 3 meals for 2 people, for a total of 6 meals/servings per box. The v-box by V-Grits is a weekly subscription service. Each week you’ll be shipped a new v-box and charged $69.00. You can skip a week (or multiple weeks) or suspend your subscription at any time. There are NO fees to join, skip weeks, or suspend your subscription. Shipping is free!

How many servings does each recipe make?
Each box contains recipes to make 3 meals for 2 people.

Do you offer plans for singles or families?
Currently, we only offer the meal plan for 2 people (2 servings per recipe). For singles, the meals make great leftovers! We expect to expand in the future to offer family meal plans for 4 people.

What ingredients or appliances do I need to have?
We supply almost all of the ingredients. You’ll need your own cooking oil (we suggest coconut or olive oil), as well as salt and pepper. Recipes will occasionally call for a small amount of flour or sugar, which we do not include. Everything else will be in the box! When it comes to appliances, other than the basics - pots, pans, and baking sheets - some recipes may suggest a grater, zester, or food processor. We also recommend keeping parchment paper or foil for lining your baking sheets. Each week’s menu will be online in advance, and will include a list of what ingredients and appliances you’ll need.

How much time is required to prepare each meal?
Each recipe card has a 1-3 rating for how much time and effort will be needed to prepare the meal. On average, the meals take 30 to 50 minutes to prepare.

Can I place a corporate order (50+ boxes)?
Absolutely! Please contact us at 502-627-0446 or support@vgrits.com

Is the packaging recyclable?
Sustainability is extremely important to us! All of our packaging is either made from plants, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and/or compostable. You can also return packaging to us. Click here for more info.


What kind of meals can I expect to make?
Each box will contain unique, chef-designed recipes. The healthy, 100% plant-based meals will take inspiration from a variety of cultures and cuisines. A few examples from our first v-boxes include Curry Quinoa Vegetable Soup, Taco Stuffed Peppers with Black Bean Avo Salad, Pita Pizzas with Dressed Greens, and Hearty Vegan Chili. Members can view upcoming menus in advance.

I have allergies and/or dietary preferences; will the meals work for me?
The menu for each week will be online in advance. After viewing the online menu, if you have questions about specific ingredients (such as soy, treenut, or corn allergies), feel free to contact us. You may skip weeks for any reason, including dietary preferences and food allergies. We expect to expand in the future to including a 100% gluten-free meal plan, but currently our menus will occasionally contain gluten. We understand some of our customer prefer to avoid oil. While most recipes suggest sauteing or roasting ingredients in oil, they can easily be made oil-free by home cooks who are familiar with or adhere to cooking without oil.

How do you come up with the recipes?
Currently our recipes are designed and tested by Chef Kristina, co-founder of V-Grits. Chef Kristina’s background includes years of professional cooking, including appearing on and winning Food Network’s culinary competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. We are also working with guest and celebrity chefs to design recipes for the v-box.

Where do you get the ingredients?
We source locally from farms in V-Grits hometown of Louisville, KY whenever possible, and we always choose the freshest ingredients. Sometimes we have the opportunity to share ingredients with you from friends who own local farms and food companies, in which case we’ll promote them and where you can buy the products. For example, is some of our meal kits we’ve included Louisville-made breads, kimchi, and pepper jelly from various small businesses.

Do you have nutrition/calorie information?
We don’t have nutrition facts for our recipes just yet, but on average each meal contains 575 calories, 18 grams of protein, 18 grams of fiber, and many different vitamins. Every meal won’t meet these standards, but this is an accurate average so you can feel confident you’re enjoying healthy, well-balanced meals.

Can I choose the meals?
Not yet. Each week's menu will be carefully designed, creative recipes, posted in advance with photos of the meals. We expect to expand in the future to include multiple meal plans you can choose from. You may skip weeks for any reason, including dietary preferences and food allergies.

How often do you repeat recipes?
Menus will always include a variety of cuisines. Recipes that have been featured previously will be based on the highest ratings from our home-cooks (that’s you!).


How does the v-card recipe kit work?
Every Monday we ship you three 3 new recipe cards with step-by-step instructions, and all the spices needed for each meal. We’ll also email you the shopping list in advance, so you can be prepared to create your meals as soon as the recipes arrive. Mobile versions of the recipe cards are available too!

How much does the v-card recipe kit cost?
Each recipe is only $2.00, which includes the cost of shipping, unique spice blends for each meal, and a note about where to purchase your ingredients. We ship 3 new recipes per week, for a total of $6.00.

How many servings does each recipe card make?
Each recipe is written for 2 large servings, and they can easily be doubled for a bigger family or gathering.

What tools or appliances do I need to have?
Some recipes require the use of a food processor or blender, a grater, or a zester.

How much time is required to prepare each meal?
Each recipe card has a 3 leaf rating system, to a represent the time and energy required to prepare each meal. Even the 3 leaf ratings should not take more than a hour. Dinner shouldn’t be a dilemma.

What kind of spices are included in the recipe kit?
All sorts of spices! Each recipe may include up to 3 spices, or spice blends, unique to the meal. Everything from cumin to smoked paprika to poppy seeds and more! All spice bags arrive pre-measured for your recipe.


What day of the week and time of day will the v-box arrive?
At V-Grits we spend our weekends choosing the best ingredients and filling each box. We ship them at the first of each week and they arrive on your doorstep on Tuesday or Wednesday. We ship via UPS and will send you the tracking information so you’ll know precisely when to expect your v-box.

Do I have to be home when it arrives?
Not at all! Each box has eco-friendly insulation and ice packs to keep them cold for 12 hours after arriving on your doorstep.

How does the food stay cold?
We use sustainable materials including 100% compostable insulation. Click here to learn more.


Are there any fees for the subscription service?
There are no fees for the subscription service whatsoever. You’ll be charged weekly for the meal plan when the box is shipped. There are no fees for joining, skipping weeks, or suspending your account.

Is there a minimum subscription time/length?
Not at all. You can suspend your service at any time.

Can I skip a week or pause my subscription?
Absolutely. Too busy next week to cook? Going out of town? Or maybe you have a food sensitivity to an ingredient in next week's menu. Login to your account by Wednesday at midnight to skip the following week.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Click here to suspend your subscription service. There are no fees to do so, and you can come back at any time.

When will I be charged?
Your credit card will be charged on Thursday of each week for the following weeks v-box. If you’d like to suspend your subscription or skip a week you must do so by the previous Wednesday at midnight.

How do I change my personal info (address, billing info, password, etc)?
In the top right corner of your screen you will always see the ‘login’ button or ‘my account’ button. Simply go to your account to change any personal information, including your credit card and shipping address.

What if the box is already on it’s way and I have a last-minute change of plans?
After Wednesday at midnight you’ll be locked in for the following week’s v-box delivery. After that time if you find out you will not be home that week, we encourage you to forward the tracking information to a neighbor, friend, or family member, and have them pick up the box for you.

What are the perks of being a member?
In addition to the tasty meals you’ll make with the v-box, members have access to...

  • Extra recipes for healthy, plant-based options for breakfast, lunch, desserts, and snacks.
  • Tutorial videos for everything from chopping garlic, to zesting citrus, to how to cook quinoa (hint - directions on the bag will lead you astray).
  • We’ll keep you updated with documentaries, books, studies, and news for issues that you may be interested in, related to plant-based foods - whether it’s simply cooking healthy meals, or health and wellness, nutrition, animal welfare, or environmental issues.
  • Where to find the best vegan eats in your city.
  • How to connect with folks in your city who are also eating more vegan meals


Can I purchase the v-box as a gift?
This feature doesn’t exist just yet, but it’s coming soon. If you’d like to receive an email when gift cards are available, sign up for updates below.