V-Grits is discontinuing the V-Box and V-Card service. The last delivery will be March 27, 2017.

A note about ingredients you'll need (V-Box Plan)...

Cooking Oil: When we recommend olive oil you can always substitute your favorite cooking oil. We love coconut oil! If you are on an oil-free or low-oil diet and are familiar with that style of cooking, feel free to leave out the oil altogether. It is not usually a necessity when roasting, and frying can often be done with water instead.

Salt & Pepper: Keep these essentials on hand - we don't send them. We like sea salt or pink himalayan salt, and grinding fresh peppercorns. But any ol' salt & pepper will work just fine!

Flour & Sugar: Every now and then a recipe will require a small amount of flour or sugar, which we do not send. We like whole wheat flour and pure cane sugar. Unbleached all-purpose or gluten-free flours will work, as well as your favorite cane sugar substitute.

And equipment (All Plans)...

Zester: Many of our recipes suggest zesting citrus fruits. While this is optional, if you do not own a zester we do encourage you to pick one up. Most standard grocery stores carry them for under $10.

Grater: Some recipes will have you grate veggies - like zucchini for fritters, or a carrot for soup. We may send along a block of our V-Grits vegan smoked gouda for you to grate into a risotto. Graters are also available in the kitchen tool aisle of your standard grocery store.

Food Processor: Any size or brand will do. Larger grocery stores carry them in the small appliance section. No need to purchase a fancy, expensive one... unless you're looking for an excuse to get that Vitamix of your dreams. Recipes will occasionally call for a food processor - if you're making falafel, for example.