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A message from Chef Kristina...

A french author from the 1600’s once said “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” My partner Jeff and I both agree, we fell in love with food when we went vegan. We made the decision years apart, but experienced similar lifestyle changes that come along with it. When you lose that addiction to processed foods, you awaken taste buds you never knew you had.

Countless studies continue to surface about the effects meat, dairy, and highly processed foods have on our health. Most of us have been forced to watch family members suffer through illnesses that likely could have been prevented with a healthier lifestyle. We know the importance of taking care of ourselves. So what gives? One of the biggest barriers, as we’ve heard from so many, is that changing our eating habits is too intimidating. Learning to cook with completely new ingredients, some we’ve never even heard of, takes a lot of time, which is a luxury we don’t have.

There are many meal services out there that you have to choose from, and they all share an objective to make eating more convenient. We’re on board with that. What sets us apart though, is that we’re taking it a step (or a giant leap) further.

We want to help you cook differently. To fall in love with new flavors, to enjoy trying different ingredients and learn how to use them. We’ll tell you where to buy them and what to cook with them. We’ll suggest how to make healthier (but no less delicious) choices when eating out. Point you in the direction of food documentaries that might peak your interest. And if you want, we’ll connect you with folks in your city who are also trying to eat more plant-based meals.

Our purpose in these extra strides is to help you create a new habit of eating healthier foods.To feel better physically and mentally, to reduce our risk of so many illnesses, knowing we’re not contributing to the suffering that occurs in factory farms, and leaving a much lighter footprint on our planet.

Happiness & Hummus
Chef Kristina